LivingTree Engage

Family engagement is a key component in the overall scheme of what we need to do to help students be successful, and being able to sustain family engagement and student learning has always been an issue for school districts.

We are also at a time in society where more and more people are relying on technology for information and interaction.

So by taking the research and best practices of family engagement, and combining it with a safe and private engagement space, Livingtree goes beyond communication and gives K-12 school districts a new way to engage families.

Livingtree Engage is a private, social network that allows families and educators to engage together, resulting in improved student outcomes. Through stellar technology and superior service, Livingtree can assist in creating a culture inclusive of every family, can build the relationships between home and school that support better learning outcomes for students, and can promote and support the efficacy of families by including them as partners in the process of learning.

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