Science A-Z

Science A-Z delivers engaging, multilevel resources that allow students to read, write, think about, and do science. It delivers comprehensive instructional units in Life, Earth and Space, Physical, and Process Science. Each unit includes numerous resources offered at three reading levels within each grade span: K-2, 3-4, and 5-6.

This Cool Tool Award honoree offers more than 4,000 resources that provide a comprehensive collection of informational texts, group activities, lesson plans, and assessments in printable, projectable, and digital formats.

Through engaging interactive virtual labs, science experiments, virtual field trip videos and projects, students have the opportunity to think and act like scientists and engineers.

The platform helps educators easily find connections between its resources and curriculum standards, including new Science standards and core English Language Arts requirements.

With Science A-Z, you get:

  • Comprehensive units in Life, Earth and Space, Physical, and Process Science
  • A vast library of printable and projectable science resources for students and teachers
  • New resources continually added, including Interactive Science Lessons and virtual field trip videos called SAZ Adventures
  • Assessments that include reading and virtual lab quizzes in addition to Project-Based Learning assessments
  • Affordable, unlimited 24/7 access to all 4,000+ resources

Combining a wealth of multilevel resources, this resource helps educators teach key science concepts with hands-on experiments and activities designed to put science and engineering into practice, making it the ideal Science Instructional Solution for grades K-6. Its accessible, multilevel resources engage all learners in experimenting with STEM concepts at a developmentally appropriate level. Learn more


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