AVADO Learning’s Dot Native

Dot Native is AVADO’s scalable, online bite-size video-based learning platform for developing digital business skills. Dot Native engages learners using H5P toolkits to create interactive videos and instructionally designed content interactions.

With over 50 hours of course material across 35 modules touching on subjects from SEO to virtual reality, Dot Native has been delivered to over 200,000 learners globally, including major US programs with custom installation at large clients such as Merck who have over 68,000 licenses globally. Dot Native’s agile platform approach allows us to rapidly create custom content and scale to support large clients globally.

AVADO’s award-winning program with Santander provided a 7-week program to enhance digital knowledge and capabilities, as well as helping them to embrace the digital world in their daily jobs.

Santander is on a digital transformation journey, and Dot Native has helped increase knowledge at a pivotal time for us,” says Michael Durrant, a Learning Consultant for Change and Development at Santander. “Our people have embraced the experience and many have shown a curiosity to know even more – one colleague, for example, did 10 times more study than was needed just to satisfy this curiosity!

“Dot Native and working with AVADO has been fantastic for the organization and, more importantly, for our customers too. The overall experience has been complemented by the excellent team at AVADO. It’s refreshing to work with a company that embodies the values of the learning experiences they offer.” Learn more


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