Mosa Mack Science

Here’s an exciting science resource for 4th-8th grade students that pairs online animated mysteries with offline collaborative labs and engineering challenges.

But first, an interesting bit of background.

Founder Lissa Johnson began her career in television, producing natural history shows.

So when she began teaching 6th grade science, she was shocked to see that the resources dry, dated, and spoke to very few of her students. So, she combined the known best practices in student engagement with the best practices in science instruction, to create Mosa Mack Science, a resource that highlights through mysteries and challenges, that students are natural scientists.

Mosa Mack Science focuses on diversity and culturally relevant pedagogy, and their mysteries feature Mosa Mack, an African American teenager who doesn’t lecture about science, but instead actively thinks through problems, asking questions to get to her answer.

Mosa Mack Science has expanded throughout the country with nearly 1 million users. Independent studies demonstrated that significant learning gains from students who use Mosa Mack in class. With a flexible implementation model, and fun approach to science, this Cool Tool honoree makes science exciting and effective for teachers and students. Learn more


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