Student Robotics 2019: An Educator’s Guide

In our inaugural Educator’s Guide, 90 pages of rich and riveting robotics, coding, and real-world relevant learning—featuring exclusive interviews with leaders in the field. 

THE STATE OF | by Mark Gura

In 1994 (wow—that’s a quarter of a century ago!), I was a young, fresh faced, new district-wide instructional leader charged with bringing innovative, tech-based approaches into schools throughout New York City. By far, the most interesting and successful was the student robotics program I brought into middle schools. The very first time I saw kids working on robotics, I realized that something truly special was in progress.

Since then, the field of student robotics has gotten richer and recently, far more popular. Robotics, I believe, is something that every school should offer all students at some point in their educational experience.

Beyond school, the robotics industry continues to grow as well—but preparing kids for an increasingly robotics-saturated workplace is just one reason and frankly, not even the most important one, for educators to make robotics part of the instructional program. Robotics is simply the best way to teach the full spectrum of the STEAM Curriculum, which is why I’m so proud to have worked on this report and guide.

Some of what’s inside includes:

– An up-to-date, “State of” report on Student Robotics: What’s going on? How is robotics being integrated into the learning experience and where is it happening?

– A guide for Educators on where in the instructional program does robotics makes a good fit.

– An overview of the types of materials and resources available – including info from leading providers about what’s special about the materials they offer.

– Stories about how student robotics strongly enriches the lives of students and teachers.


Those are just a few of the things you’ll find in this free publication. I hope you enjoy it, and let us know what you think!

Mark Gura
Senior Editor / EdTech Digest
(Former Director of Instructional Technology, NYC Schools)



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