Schoolzilla by Renaissance

A data platform from Renaissance® Schoolzilla makes education data easy to find, understand, and act on.

With the ability to integrate data from more than 135 different sources, including Renaissance Star Assessments®, student information systems, and state tests, Schoolzilla offers educators at-a-glance access to information about grades, attendance, behavior, assessment growth, college readiness, and more.

To make all that data easily accessible and actionable, Schoolzilla offers customizable dashboards that are easily tailored to any level, from the student to the classroom to the district. Users can also set and track progress toward a range of goals, from reducing chronic absences to improving assessment results.

Teachers can choose to examine data from individuals or a group of students, while administrators can “zoom out” to the district level for a bird’s-eye perspective on progress toward organizational goals. Offering the ability to isolate data from a current term or compare numbers across years for a longitudinal perspective, Schoolzilla is an essential tool for data-driven education. To learn more, visit


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