Bookshare, which is used by students with reading barriers at 36,000 schools and school districts, including 99 of the 100 largest districts, has delivered 15 million books. That’s 15 million instances when a person who couldn’t otherwise access information was able to download a book, and read it! 

And that experience for students, in particular, can be life-changing:  

Take sixth grade student, Emery, for example: when she was younger, she thought she would never learn how to read. When Emery was seven years old, she was diagnosed with dyslexia, and set up with a free Bookshare account. Emery uses Bookshare with a reading app that highlights the words as she listens to the narration, which taught her how to track sentences and decode words.   

“I remember thinking that I would never learn how to read,” said Emery, “but Bookshare put me in my own world, and I found out that this is how everybody feels when they read.”  

Using Bookshare, Emery now loves reading, and has risen to the top of her class, even entering an optional school-wide story-writing contest. Bookshare levels the playing field, enabling students with reading barriers to learn and access information the same as their peers. This is just the story of one of the over 700,000 people who use Bookshare to read and learn about the world. Learn more.   


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