Wyzant’s mission is to make the world a better place by empowering people to teach and learn from one another. They’ve accomplished this through their Online Learning Tool, a platform that connects students and tutors online, for one-on-one tutoring.

Wyzant’s marketplace of tutors and students is among the world’s largest, with more than 75,000 subject matter experts in 12,000 topic areas who provide students K–college and adult learners with more than one million hours of tutoring per year. Wyzant is the Winner of a Cool Tool Award for Best Tutoring Solution, part of The EdTech Awards 2019 program from EdTech Digest. 

The Wyzant Online Learning Tool connects students and tutors by providing a simple, convenient and collaborative platform to work through problems and discuss subjects online. Regardless of their location or interest area, students can book as many tutoring sessions as it takes to master concepts they’re struggling with or are curious about. Similarly, tutors can set the rate and schedule sessions that works best for them. To date, Wyzant tutors have earned more than $100 million.

Their online learning tool features:

  • iPad / tablet support – draw and edit with stylus or finger.
  • Lesson recordings – review and reference material in-between sessions.
  • Audio / video chat – real-time communication between student and tutor.
  • Save and export work functions – download lessons as PDFs for easy review.
  • Collaborative whiteboards – share files, draw and graph functions, and collaborate on complex equations in real time.
  • Screen sharing – share presentations, software programs, or anything on the screen.
  • Code editor – edit and collaborate on 22 different programming languages in real time.


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