Moji Moji

Moji Moji is an iPad app for young learners developed in collaboration between award-winning artists and animators in Tokyo, and parents, teachers, and developers in the United States. Each world in Moji Moji was translated from hand-drawn storyboards and watercolor landscapes into a dynamic and beautifully realized virtual experience. As they traverse six worlds, children collect the Moji Moji characters through tracing and spelling challenges that exercise their motor, auditory, and phonics skills. The platform includes adaptive sound design that reacts as students progress through each level and reinforces phonetic and visual association for each new letter and word.

The advent of technology and mobile devices provide unprecedented opportunity to expand access to language learning that is not only educationally rigorous – but also engaging for children. Developed by Gakko, an education design studio based in New York and Tokyo, Moji Moji is the product of traveling the world speaking with students, parents, and teachers to learn what was missing from their experience with education and technology. Moji Moji was honored as part of The EdTech Awards 2019 with a Cool Tool Award for Best Literacy/Reading Solution. Learn more


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