Abre is an Education Management Platform. The mission of the team behind Abre is to create opportunities for continuous improvement in student outcomes by providing teachers and administrators with more time to focus on their students by making software easier to manage, distribute and learn. Harnessing data across many functions, their platform delivers important insights to support school decision making and drive individual student achievement; the solution provides administrators, teachers, students and parents access to all the information and tools they need to manage students, staff and effectively deliver instruction:

  • all of a school’s software in one place and accessible via a single sign-on
  • announcements, communications and informal professional development content
  • a growing library of connected software apps for Administrators, Staff, Students, Parents, and ultimately, the school’s Community
  • in the near future, students and 3rd party vendors will be build apps on Abre in order to securely access our comprehensive data and growing roster of customers

To give you an even more detailed idea of their work, here’s a quick look at their App Library items and functions: 

Directory – Manage employee information & licensure
Students – Provides a 360° view of a student info
Curriculum – Create maps, build lessons & align to standards
Assessments – Create & deliver standards-aligned assessments
Forms – Build & manage forms for staff, students & parents
Books – Manage online textbooks for students & staff
Conduct – Record, store, & track student behavior
Guided Learning – Secure browser for delivering a focused lesson
Plans – Create & track IEP, 504, & other student plans
Learn – Personalized learning for staff development

For its workability, simplicity and robust platform, Abre is an award-winning solution, having earned finalist status as a Best New Product or Service from The EdTech Awards 2019

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