CoSN’s Hurdles and Accelerators

The Consortium for School Networking (CoSN), a Washington, DC-based association for school technology leaders representing over 13 million students in school districts nationwide, recently released the results of one of their Advisory Board’s findings.

Their Driving K-12 Innovation Advisory Board identified the top five “Hurdles” hindering school innovation in 2020, and the top five “Accelerators” advancing teaching and learning innovation. 

The top five most important hurdles and accelerators “for schools to address in 2020 in order to pave the way for teaching and learning innovation and extraordinary student outcomes” are:

TOP 5 Hurdles:

1. Scaling and Sustaining Innovation

2. Data Privacy & Ownership

3. Evolution of Teaching and Learning

4. Pedagogy vs. Technology Gap

5. Digital Equity 


Top 5 2020 Accelerators:

1. Learners as Creators

2. Data-Driven Practices

3. Personalization

4. Social and Emotional Learning

5. Building Human Capacity of Leaders 


For their full report, visit this page.


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