EasyTech from Learning.com

This cool tool includes adaptive content that guides students based on performance through corrective, personalized activities and pre- and post-tests to identify where support is needed. Student performance can be measured at an individual, classroom, and district level; teachers can use it to gauge growth with year-over-year reporting. The curriculum has been developed by educators specializing in instructional design and technology integration and has received the ISTE Seal of Alignment, and is aligned to state technology and digital literacy standards. Their solution is delivered through the learning.com curriculum platform and integrations with Google Classroom. The scaffolded lessons are reinforced with activities, discussions, quizzes. Students move through a sequence consisting of half a dozen content areas, each helping with a critical skill or competency, including computational thinking, coding, computer fundamentals, word processing, presentations, spreadsheets and databases – and with some very interesting areas to come. Learn more.  


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