The Graide Network

Here’s a platform that is building better writers by providing on-demand, formative feedback on student writing via online teaching assistants. By leveraging a qualified network of “Graiders” for grading support, school districts overcome teacher time constraints and use the power of great feedback to improve learning outcomes.

The Graide Network allows districts to offer more opportunities for students to engage in meaningful writing and more time for teachers to focus on instruction and planning. Detailed data dashboards on student performance provide relevant data for educators to help them personalize student learning; administrators gain access to better data to know how students’ writing skills are progressing during the year.

This tool supports any type of writing – from classroom assignments to writing benchmarks, typed or handwritten, and across content areas. Schools can use rubrics and prompts that are aligned to their district or state standards and learning objectives.

Their online readers are graduate and undergraduate students, and they hand-score assignments on the rubric, providing personalized areas of strength and growth for each student. Within days, teachers can view detailed class and individual student reports. Reports are used for instructional planning, classwide discussion, one-on-one student conferencing, professional development, progress reporting with school leaders, and district planning. Learn more.


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