Edtech Usage Trends During First Week of Closures

Here’s a fascinating and early look at analysis by the Learn Platform data team of edtech use across the country during the first 3 weeks of March, based on actual activity of 2 million students and teachers.

What did online/remote learning look like in the first week of closures?

What happened?

How might it evolve?

“We plan to continue to share updates on these usage trends at least bi-monthly through mid-summer for now, in order to help understand what is actually happening across the edtech landscape, to support equitable access, and to guide decision-making,” says Karl Rectanus, co-founder and CEO of the platform. 

Have a look at the report here. To continue following these particular trends, sign up here. The Raleigh, N.C.-based team of educators, researchers, technologists and thought leaders have delivered ground-breaking tools that save money, improve learning and build the capacity of hundreds of thousands of educators and their organizations.

Among other reports, they have released EdTech Insights, a bi-annual update, and they also provide a free and openly accessible list builder designed to provide educators, administrators, organizations and others with a quick and easy way to build custom, shareable lists of edtech products they recommend with a specific audience. 

Aligned with LearnPlatform’s mission, the current effort to share edtech usage during these times of school closures helps to promote equitable access to information about education technology.

“This list builder came out of the initial aggregation of edtech products with a COVID-19 offer, and a desire to connect many different aggregation points for easy use by districts, states and their educators,” says Rectanus.

Users have the option to filter the initial view to only edtech products with a known COVID-19 offer, see privacy policies, etc. “If your organization would like to create your own list, have us map/link to your system/list, share MyList with others or embed it in your offerings, we’re glad to support that,” he says. Learn more


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