#EdChat Interactive

Here’s a great way in this time of quarantines to keep up with the latest trends directly with colleagues in a safe and (virtually)interactive way:  Edchat Interactive.

Started by Steve Anderson, Mitch Weisburgh, and Tom Whitby, the group is driven to provide every child with the foundation so that they can grow up and live rich and fulfilling lives.”

“We know that education unlocks the potential for students,” says Mitch Weisburgh, “and we have all read and heard about shortcomings of the U.S. educational system, and how slow it is to adopt innovation. There are a lot of great innovations that are happening in education, though. But the image of education as slow and stodgy will continue until we find a way to scale innovative effective education practices, and communicate about the remarkable results that they achieve.”

With EdChat Interactive, respected education leaders teach their practices to teachers and administrators in a way that allows educator-learners to interact, engage, and reflect.

They are using the Shindig web event platform, “which gives us the opportunity to provide a more interactive experience than webinars,” says Mitch. “Edchat Interactive Web Events allow attendees to reflect and interact with each other in a way that fosters deep learning.” They have a great schedule of guests lined up for April and into May. Check it out for yourself and sign up to join in right here and here: 



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