In these times—in any time, really, but perhaps especially now—music is such a vital, therapeutic part of life. Here’s a very cool tool that helps with exactly that: WURRLYedu just announced the launch of a free web-based version of its popular music education program featuring real-time cloud-based recording. With the new student web portal, any student can access it on a web browser including a Chromebook. This new offering enables equitable access to a high-quality, highly-engaging, and effective music education program powered by the latest technologies. 

WURRLYedu is a leading music education content platform that delivers culturally relevant lesson plans and a comprehensive suite of tools to make music education fun, effective and accessible for teachers and students.  “[Our] program enables any school to offer a high-quality arts education,” says Nadine Levitt, founder and CEO. “Because the portal is device agnostic, the barrier to entry is dramatically lowered, so learning can take place anytime anywhere. [It] enables students to stay engaged and collaborate online while they’re at home through videos, ear training games, and our new web recorder that lets them record songs and practice. Through music, the new portal encourages connection, movement—and it’s fun to use.” 

Their web portal offers the same audio and video recording tools, assessment tools, as well as the extensive music catalog with timed chords and lyrics, already available on their iOS and Android versions. With the new cloud-based recording feature, students can easily select a song, customize the key and speed or start from scratch, record themselves, add one-touch audio and video filters to enhance their recordings and share them with their teacher and classmates.

The key features of the new student web portal include:

  • Online video and audio recording across all browsers and devices including Chromebooks. According to Google, there are 40 million-plus Chromebooks being used in education worldwide.
  • Music catalog of over 5,000 songs ranging from popular to classical music
  • One-touch audio and video filters 
  • Recording studio with tabulated lyrics and chords with fingering charts for Piano, Guitar and Ukulele
  • Student portfolio management with record of all performances and assignments
  • Single Sign-on compatibility with OneRoster and Clever 
  • Search by chord filter and automatically transpose 
  • Blank track recording for original music creation
  • View and complete teacher curated assignments 
  • Ability to browse through class feed and collaborate with peers

They have also partnered with multiple education organizations to use their music education platform including the Public School District of Philadelphia, the California Department of Education, the Boy and Girls Clubs, the LAUSD Partnership schools and more.

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