Moosiko is an online guitar practice tool designed for schools and businesses to help their students learn through over 170 modern and fun songs. Moosiko teaches chords, transitions, progressions, and strumming patterns all while tracking student skills along the way. Their adaptive learning technology provides a personalized learning path via users’ favorite songs to boost motivation and enjoyment.

The song-based guitar platform helps students learn popular songs through guided practice so it remains pleasurable, relevant and helps instructors (it doesn’t replace them). It is not a video-based tutorial type of arrangement, rather it provides a workable gradient for a student to ramp up their skills from novice to mastery of a simple enough song. With color coding and easy goals, it is just the right approach so that students who previously may never have practiced at all, or put in obligatory minutes, are now getting immersed in hours of workable and pleasing practice sessions.

In a time when time is ours for creating and making good, this is a cool tool worth checking out for music teachers, music tutors, instructors, and students. On this note, stay tuned for The Arts, Creativity and Technology, a guide for educators and parents coming soon from EdTech Digest. We will feature a whole host of interesting tools, platforms, companies, innovators and artists working in this important area of learning. Email us if interested in sponsoring or participating. Meanwhile, Moosiko is definitely worth a closer look. Learn more.


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