Pixton EDU

Want to know a great way to get your kids fired up about writing? Pixton EDU is a comic-making tool for grades 3 to 12. It gives students a unique way to express their creativity, and enhances writing assignments in any subject – including Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and even Math. Comics are an ideal medium for writing because kids already love them, and their structured nature encourages ideas to be distilled into concise elements in a logical sequence. No drawing skills are required; Pixton EDU levels the playing field with thousands of preset characters, backgrounds, outfits, poses, and even emotions, all just a click or tap away. Comics can be made and shared in no time, making the classroom experience fun and memorable. Pixton EDU works where students need it most: on Chromebooks, Macs, PCs, iPads, and Android tablets. Learn more. 

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