Wixie helps students share their ideas, imagination, and understanding through their writing, their voice, and their art. This is an outlet for creativity and a tool for supporting learning at home. There are three key areas Wixie is great for, it helps to: Amplify student voice. Blending text and voice recording with original art and images makes Wixie the perfect canvas for today’s digital learners. Wixie gives students powerful tools to create original projects that demonstrate understanding, encourage critical thinking, and build creativity and communication skills. Give students choice. Wixie allows each student to build an original representation of their learning. While the learning goals remain the same, each student’s Wixie projects are unique. With Wixie, students may choose to create a book trailer, illustrate an essay, design a comic strip, develop a timeline, write and record a literary adaptation, and much more. Empower collaboration. Wixie supports essential team-building and organization skills through realtime collaborative projects. Wixie’s Team feature allows students to work together on projects in the classroom or at home. Collaborating on projects allows peers to draw on individual expertise and communication skills. Learn more


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