Writing A-Z

Writing A-Z provides the differentiated materials and instruction tools K-6 educators need to teach writing in the classroom. With an extensive collection of resources differentiated at 5 developmental levels, teachers can easily provide the lessons and activities their students need to improve their writing skills. The product also delivers a set of eLearning tools students can use to practice their creative and process writing skills and submit assignments to their teacher online. Along the lines of developmentally appropriate writing instruction resources: Writing A-Z is the ideal writing resource for K-6 teachers because it offers all the materials and tools they need to provide effective personalized instruction all in one place. Instruction is designed for 5 developmental writing levels. The product allows teachers to quickly find resources and to provide each student with differentiated materials and lessons designed to improve their writing skills. SkillBuilding Lessons. Strengthen students’ writing skills with resources that focus on individual elements of composition such as conventions, sentence fluency, word choice, and more. Grammar/Word Work Lessons. Develop students’ grammar and vocabulary skills with resources that help them convey a written message that is clear and concise. Instructional Support. Provides additional writing support with a collection of activities and tools designed to help enhance student learning. eLearning Student Tools. Provide interactive opportunities for students to practice and develop writing skills and complete online assignments and essays. Digital Reporting. Quickly tracks individual and class-wide writing progress and assignment activity to determine future instruction needs. Learn more


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