Book Creator

Over 1.5 million digital books are made every month by students and teachers across the world with Book Creator. That’s over 50 million books created since they launched in 2011.

Originally an iPad app, this cool tool is now cross-platform as a web app that works in Chrome or Safari. Teachers can create an account for free and invite their students to create digital books—combining text, images, audio, video, drawing or sharing content from other apps. When they’re done, they can easily publish their books, giving them an audience beyond the classroom.

Teachers report that the main reason they love using Book Creator is because it’s so simple to use. Students can be up and running in minutes with very little instruction, and they’ve designed the app to be usable from age 4 upwards. What’s more, because it’s so open-ended, it’s used in all subjects across the curriculum. Their website provides resources for the key subject areas of English/Language Arts, Science, Mathematics, Creative Arts, Social Studies, Languages, PE/Health, and Special Education.

Interactive stories, digital portfolios, research journals, poetry, science reports, instructional manuals, comic adventures – the list is endless. The makers of Book Creator have seen all kinds of books made with it. 

As education changes, Book Creator offers a blank canvas for creativity, focusing on giving students the freedom to develop relevant and useful skills as part of their education. And that’s something that should never change. The tool recently earned top honors as part of The EdTech Awards 2020 having been named a Cool Tool Winner for Best Authoring Tools Solution. Learn more


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