National Institute for STEM Education (NISE) Micro Certificates

To effectively teach and implement STEM, teachers need access to professional development that is research-based, personalized, and immediately applicable in their classrooms. In spring 2019, NISE introduced a series of online courses and Micro Certificates to help K-12 teachers quickly master and earn recognition for strengthening their STEM instructional strategies.

Priced at $39, each three-hour course can be completed anytime, anywhere. Teachers who complete two courses in one area of STEM practice earn a Micro Certificate and online badge. Micro Certificates are available in: Scientific Argumentation, Scientific Collaboration, Scientific Innovation, Scientific Inquiry, Scientific Literacy, and Scientific Thinking.

NISE online courses and Micro Certificates provide flexible, differentiated professional learning opportunities so teachers can focus on the STEM best practices that will most benefit their classrooms, and engage in bite-size, relevant learning at their own pace. The targeted, evidence-based courses reflect the research-based 5E model of instruction. Each course empowers teachers to apply STEM strategies to support student understanding of state standards and the Next Generation Science Standards. The courses include multiple opportunities for participants to interact with the content and receive feedback. Each course culminates with participants creating a Teacher Tool to support their use of a specific STEM strategy in their instruction.

With this award-winning innovation in online certification and badging solutions, teachers have a convenient, affordable way to gain in-demand knowledge, improve their instruction, and advance their careers. In addition, teachers who complete one or more Micro Certificates can apply these toward the NISE National Certificate for STEM Teaching. Learn more


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