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In the past year, Hatch Studio has built a ton of new features specifically for teachers, to meet curriculum standards and to deliver excellent instruction to students. This is on top of an already established literacy-based approach to teaching computer science that has driven their success (25,000+ students taught, 1,200+ educators trained across 6 provinces and 4 states) since 2014.

Here are a few of the features that earned Hatch Coding a Cool Tool Finalist Award for Best Curriculum & Instruction Solution and a Cool Tool Award Winner status for Best Coding, Computer Science, Engineering Solution as part of The EdTech Awards 2020:

Student Notes and Teacher Feedback: Students can add notes to their projects (e.g. planning steps). Teachers, through Grade Mode, can provide feedback and assessment on every student project; no autograding, but assessment is done in as little as 10 seconds.

JavaScript and Python: Students can code all projects in both JavaScript and Python. Teachers have controls through a class setting tabs to limit students to a single language.

Group Projects: Teachers can assign (and advanced students can select) Hatch projects where up to 4 students can join and collaborate on a single project in real time. This helps meet many curriculum standards related to language arts, and helps develop collaboration and project management skills.

Teacher Resources: Teachers have a data bank of class activities, case studies, handouts (Blackline Masters) and guides to meet curriculum standards in every Computer Science course from K-12. This is searchable by standard and by tags for subject area and keyword.

Teacher Solutions: Every project (600+) and challenge (1,500+) in the system has full teacher solutions with explanations and learning goals for easy lesson prep and planning.

Competency Skills: Hatch’s goal is to deliver everything that goes into being a software engineer. This is not just coding, but thinking, logic, collaboration, communication, research and building projects to specifications. They have a suite of skills tracking that measures progress in 5 competency areas covering wholistic programming.

This solution has been thoroughly thought out by some very bright, practical minds and it shows. A big congratulations to the team behind Hatch Coding and for the products they produce and their smart approach to making learning accessible to learners.    

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