Adobe Connect for eLearning

This particularly Cool Tool Award Winner, Adobe® Connect™ for eLearning, provides a complete solution for rapid training and mobile learning, enabling accessibility from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

There are several areas that it addresses and makes for an exceedingly good experience. It comes down to these benefits: 

Rapidly create and deploy engaging content. Instant publishing to the cloud, easy-to-use plug-ins for PowerPoint, and industry-leading authoring tools including Adobe® Captivate® and Adobe Presenter. Sessions can be repeated without preparation using persistent virtual classrooms.

Training registration and attendance. Promote sessions and courses with HTML-based registration pages, emails, and catalogs, and reminders to maximize learner registration and attendance enabled by powerful Adobe CQ technology.

Extensibility. Just like a smartphone, Adobe Connect can run custom applications so customers and partners can extend its functionality in ways they desire.

Deliver immersive experiences. Leveraging engagement dashboards to track and maximize learner participation in live sessions, as well as customizable, branded layouts to optimize the look and feel of courses. Multiple trainers can teach in sync using intuitive backstage tools for streamlined session management and enhanced learner experiences.

Efficiently manage and track training. You can do this by integrating Adobe Connect with your existing LMS. Enhanced security and privacy controls help safeguard sensitive learning content and participant information during all phases of learning.

They currently support more than 6 billion meeting minutes with 60 million user connections and 4 billion minutes of interactive recordings viewed online on their hosted servers per year, with similar or greater utilization for on premise installations. To get a better idea of what all this means, read what their users say in reviews about them: Learn more.


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