Here’s a powerful communication tool for schools that makes it easy to get both parents and students informed at every level, from daily classroom updates to district-wide volunteering opportunities and events.

Private, secure, and without ads, Bloomz allows teachers to share instant messages, notifications, announcements, classroom photos or videos, calendars, permission slips, volunteer sign-up sheets, and more with parents through one easy-to use interface. With the ability to set quiet hours, teachers are in control of who can reach them when without shutting down the communication pipeline, and with the recent addition of student accounts, this is really a comprehensive solution to school-wide communication.

Administrators use the app to track parental involvement through engagement reports, gain visibility into classroom communications, and target specific audiences for announcements by sending information to individuals, specific classrooms, or the whole school or district.

Parents can see photos and videos from in the classroom, giving them a virtual seat next to their child throughout the day. Online forms mean permission slips don’t get lost on the way home with students, and make signing up for volunteering opportunities, parent-teacher conferences, and other events much easier. With more than 80 different languages for families to receive all content automatically translated, Bloomz makes sure that even language barriers won’t get in the way of school communication.

It is free to use for parents and teachers. Learn more


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