SIMA Academy

This cool tool is a groundbreaking online education platform serving the next generation of changemakers through the dynamic power of social impact cinema. With SIMA Academy, teachers and students access a carefully curated collection of over 160 award-winning short documentaries and Virtual Reality films, with teaching resources and participatory lessons that bring global human rights issues to life. The streaming platform takes students around the world on a journey with current content from over 140 countries that is chosen annually by an esteemed jury. The film portal to the frontlines of today’s issues empowers students to gain unique, first-person insight into the pulse, the people, and the movements behind world affairs and the human condition while developing the competencies and problem-solving skills for an ever-changing world. Current subscribers include libraries, colleges, high schools, foundations and professional development networks in over 20 countries. Educators use SIMA Academy for subjects ranging from social sciences, journalism, history, political science and geography to social entrepreneurship, global studies, english language, film and more. Over 1,800 teachers, 42,000 students and 170 institutions are already using the platform since it’s launch in 2016. In the U.S, they are currently serving 123 schools, 63% of which are in underserved districts. Learn more


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