EdTech Top 40 Special Edition

Every year, the EdTech Top 40 from LearnPlatform, a company dedicated to edtech effectiveness for states, districts, and providers — analyzes the digital tools accessed most by students and educators across the United States via the internet. This year, they’ve updated the 2020 EdTech Top 40 – COVID19 Special Edition analysis to compare the top 40 edtech tools used after schools went remote to those used before schools closed. “The data highlights a massive expansion of edtech and a real challenge for districts and states as they plan for the fall,” says Karl Rectanus, Co-Founder and CEO. “Knowing actual student engagement is required to cost effectively address digital learning equity,” he says. The breakdown is helpful data and pulls back the curtain for administrators wanting to see where the real traction is. It’s an excellent starting point for meaningful discussions, and is particularly helpful as administrators move into uncharted waters ahead. Learn more


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