Smithsonian Science for the Classroom

Smithsonian Science for the Classroom™ was developed by the Smithsonian Science Education Center to provide teachers with a hands-on science program that thoughtfully integrates digital resources that set the standard in 3D learning and 3D assessment. Purposeful integration of hand-on investigations and digital resources is proven to help students learn and engages today’s digitally native students.

Smithsonian Science for the Classroom digital resources provide opportunities for students to investigate, model, and explain science phenomena that may be inaccessible in a traditional classroom. Digital resources feature and draw upon the Smithsonian’s research, scientists, and world-class collections. A powerful digital teacher’s guide helps teachers effectively integrate these resources into instruction and includes everything for planning, preparing, teaching, and assessing. Teachers can easily assign digital resources at point of use within instruction. A digital assignment management system allows easy, at-a-glance monitoring of individual, group, or class progress.

Digital support for 3D learning and 3D assessment includes simulations and videos that go beyond the manipulation of variables by encouraging analysis and discourse and extending big ideas about science concepts and phenomena. Digital Lesson Notebook Sheets, Student Activity Guides, and interactive student readers provide access to procedures, informational text, and student artifacts for assessment. Students’ digital activity is reported in the assignment management tool and used in conjunction with each lesson’s robust 3D assessment rubrics for assessing.

When the right digital tools are blended with hands-on, experiential learning, good things happen. Smithsonian Science for the Classroom is a Cool Tool Award Winner for Best Curriculum & Instruction Solution as part of The EdTech Awards 2020. Learn more


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