They want to change millions of students’ lives by enabling people to use data to run great schools. Teachers and school leaders need data to make good decisions for their students, but most of them can’t get that data in any kind of useful, actionable format. Schoolzilla’s team of developers, data visualizers, seasoned educators and K-12 experts have done just that: made data easy to find, understand, and act on for school districts. Mosaic, their multiple measures dashboard, provides a curated view of a district’s results in near real-time so school administrator’s can set and track progress on strategic goals, move from the district to the student level in three clicks, and easily explore data to understand root causes. Key features include:

  • Student Information Groups – create groups based on specific criteria for intervention and easily share the group and track students’ progress over time
  • Metric Zoom – explore data by looking at performance by content area, view up to 5 years of historical data, and use multiple filters to narrow down to specific groups of students
  • Calendar Charts – use calendar views to quickly draw insights into attendance and behavior trends and patterns and focus more on helping educators develop strategies

This company believes that data done right is a game changer for district and school leaders, teachers, parents, and students. With accurate, timely, visual data, one can better understand students’ needs, see if strategies are working, have constructive conversations, and get laser-focused on growth. Learn more


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