Blue Canoe

An AI mobile app that improves the spoken English of non-native speakers, Blue Canoe combines proven methodology, speech recognition and AI to create a virtual AI Teacher that gives users immediate and effective feedback for improving. It measurably helps users improve in 10-minute daily lessons, changing their careers and lives.

Learning English is a huge, $40B market, because English is the de facto global language of business and opportunity. There are many programs and products that teach vocabulary and grammar, but this one is among the few to effectively solve the well known “last mile” problem of speaking English in a way that is easy to understand.

Blue Canoe uses a patented Color Vowel® System methodology, which has been well proven in academic institutions and 10,000+ classrooms around the world for 20 years. Blue Canoe uses a visual and musical approach to engaging learners in learning language. 

Provided to employees, and resold by English language training companies and ESL teachers to their students, it’s already used in more than 45 countries. The vocabulary and content can be customized to be relevant to the learner. Learn more


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