Ultra 10 from HoverCam

HoverCam’s Ultra 10 is among the most forward-thinking document cameras available. It is a powerhouse loaded with options to fit every instructor’s need. Featuring a 7.1-inch capacitive touch screen, integrated true 4K wireless-to-display output as well as wired HDMI output, 16 MP sensor, and a powerful Android computer, the Ultra 10 is the ultimate tool for remote learning applications. The built-in, 7.1 inch, multitouch viewing monitor allows educators to see exactly what their students see without having to turn their backs on the room. Users can connect a display, IFP, or projector — via wired HDMI or an integrated wireless 4K transmitter without a PC — to easily record lessons, capture vibrant images, and show live video in 4K clarity. It recently won the Cool Tool Award for Best Hardware for Education Solution as part of The EdTech Awards 2020. Learn more


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