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Healthcare education programs face greater requirements for accountability and outcomes every year. In addition, accreditation reporting is becoming more rigorous and complex, and students’ mastery of competencies is seen as a critical measure of the success of the institution. These programs need a clear, comprehensive data management solution to be able to identify gaps, redundancies, areas of challenge and opportunities for improvement for all their stakeholders.

Enter Leo, the enterprise software platform powered by DaVinci Education.

Leo helps healthcare education programs facilitate accreditation reporting, increase efficiencies, control costs and improve outcomes. Developed in conjunction with Duke School of Medicine, Leo is built around a central calendar and tightly integrated functionality related to teaching, learning, assessment and administrative management. Leo also integrates with SSO and student information systems to provide a true enterprise application.

Leo’s central calendar structure gives each student a personalized schedule that reflects real-time changes on all their devices. Specialized course and content management tools provide flexibility and structure for staff who need to track many simultaneous activities and elements across highly complex didactic and clinical curricula. This Cool Tool also measures faculty effort to create a sophisticated financial model for compensation. And school leaders use Leo to monitor student progress and track accreditation readiness to ensure continuous quality improvement.

In a few short years, DaVinci Education has built a reputation as the gold standard for healthcare education management, with clients including Duke, Yale, Penn State, Wake Forest, Oklahoma State University, the State University of New York and many others. Recently, the company and their platform Leo was named Best Higher Education Solution, earning the Cool Tool Award Winner’s trophy as part of The EdTech Awards 2020 by EdTech Digest. Check out their smiling team right here.    


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