Raz-Plus ELL Edition

Raz-Plus ELL Edition features differentiated, research-based resources designed specifically to help ESL/ELL students develop proficiency in social and academic English. Reading, listening, speaking, and writing materials, with integrated grammar and vocabulary support, are organized in content area topics at multiple grade ranges and proficiency levels. Combined with assessment and reporting tools and an engaging student portal, Raz-Plus ELL Edition helps teachers maximize learning for every student. Specialized ESL/ELL resources include:

● ELL Leveled Reader Packs, companions to Raz-Plus leveled books, build listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills
● ELL Content Picture Packs help develop skills in language arts, math, social science, social and instructional language, and social studies
● ELL Vocabulary Power Packs engage students in thinking critically about vocabulary in context
● ELL Vocabulary Books scaffold vocabulary development with vocabulary cards and cloze activities for practicing new words
● ELL Comic Conversations frame common social and academic situations in the comic strip genre
● ELL Assessments include tools for monitoring students’ reading, writing, speaking, and listening progress
● ELL Language Skill Packs provide lesson plans and activities that strengthen content area and grade level language skills
● World Languages Books offer leveled books translated into Spanish, French, Polish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese to encourage native language literacy

Raz-Plus ELL Edition offers a robust collection of leveled books and resources with instructional supports specifically designed to target ESL/ELL learning needs, including academic and social vocabulary, grammar, and critical thinking. Winner of Best Language Learning Solution as part of The EdTech Awards 2020, the cool tool is available here.  


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