codeSpark Academy with The Foos

At codeSpark, the innovative designers behind their tools are turning programming into play for all kids with their app, codeSpark Academy with The Foos. The creators of this Cool Tool Award Winner for “Best Mobile App Solution – Early Childhood, Elementary” (see The EdTech Awards 2020) want to achieve a massive increase in access to computer science education and are working to close the opportunity gap in computer science education; since their launch in 2014, over 25 million kids in 190+ countries have used their app and 53% of their players are girls.

Their words-free approach allows anyone to play, including pre-readers and speakers of every language. codeSpark Academy is 100% self-directed so kids as young as 5 can learn the ABC’s of computer science.

Their creative tools allow young thinkers to build and share games and stories that are meaningful to them. It also allows them to get feedback from fellow creators and draw inspiration from other shared creations.

Games created in codeSpark Academy can be re-mixed, allowing young/new players to learn from the work of older/experienced kids. Stories can be shared with friends and family for feedback. They also provide templates so newcomers can quickly learn what a “good” game or story looks like.

The best news is that their focus on “creativity with code” works. In May 2019, kids spent over 70% of their time creating. Kids created 1.1 million new games and stories – over 35,000 a day.

They care deeply about efficacy. Two independent studies showed that, after playing codeSpark Academy for a minimum of 90 minutes, kids demonstrated a 22% improvement in sequencing abilities. Learn more


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