Check it out: this is possibly the world’s largest peer-to-peer social learning community of students, parents, and teachers. What started as an idea to transfer all the benefits of real life collaboration between students into an online space now has 150 million—scratch that—250 million monthly users across 35 countries (this massive growth happened recently, May 2020 – due to the pandemic and shift to online learning.)

They call themselves Brainly, and one of the key principles behind their platform is the notion that nobody knows everything, but everybody knows something. With it, users can ask for help on tough homework problems and get immediate responses with explanations from a community of subject matter experts and peers.

Their innovative ‘crowdlearning’ approach combines online education, social media, machine learning, and AI to allow students from across the world to share knowledge in a tailored environment that is personalized to their individual learning style and educational need.

Their award-winning system incentivizes users to respond to questions through gamification and a points system. To ensure accuracy of information, the site features a three-layered moderation process including hundreds of moderators. Brainly has a desktop platform and a downloadable app for mobile devices or tablets. It’s currently free in the U.S. and Poland (with freemium pricing models being tested in other markets).

Already over 80% of users credit the tool for expanding their knowledge base, heightening their curiosity, and inspiring them to embrace challenges.

At its core, Brainly exists to level the playing field for all students, no matter where they are from, what language they speak, or the circumstances of their school districts. This is why the platform is so universal and reaches users all over the world. Learn more


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