Today’s workforce are already mainly digital natives. However, traditional teaching methods conflict with their pace of life and often frustrate the learners.

In response, award-winning LinguaTV has developed an innovative Language Learning App for iOS and Android that includes a range of innovative language courses. Each course offers a practice-oriented scenic video, interactive exercises with instant feedback and a learning report to increase motivation. Even Grammar tutorials are available in the app in such a way that learners can quickly build sentences with the vocabulary they have learned. They can also practice their pronunciation using their Vocabulary Trainer with its inbuilt spaced repetition as well as their overall communication skills using their innovative Conversation Trainer with state-of-the-art voice recognition.

Thanks to the videos, the learners are able to acquire not only the language, but also cultural information such as body language and special skills.

Users can learn whenever they want to and from anywhere, since the courses can be downloaded and even used offline. This flexibility is essential when learning languages since it is more effective to learn regularly in shorter time periods. Long-term retention is aided as learners move rapidly from the receptive competences of listening and reading to the productive competences of speaking and writing.

The pedagogical concept underpinning these courses brings together a unique combination of proven teaching methods, attractive learning content and innovative technologies in a way that enables learners to acquire a language effectively and quickly. LinguaTV-App was the Cool Tool Award Winner for “Best Mobile App Solution – Post-Secondary” as part of The EdTech Awards 2020. Learn more


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