Hāpara Student Dashboard

There are as many assignment organization systems as there are teachers. How many of them organize from the point of view of the person doing the work—the student?

Putting students in charge of their own learning is the driving idea behind all Hāpara products, and Hāpara’s Student Dashboard is its newest release.

Student Dashboard streams all assignments, notifications, resources from Google Classroom, major LMSs and Hāpara into one desktop or mobile dashboard. From Student Dashboard, students can link directly to their work wherever they may be: at school, home, the baseball game or on the bus.

Students filter views by class/subject, or view all classes simultaneously. Students can quickly view overdue assignments, due dates, assignments without a due date, or view all at once.

The Hāpara Student Dashboard is built around the life of a learner, vs. around a platform or an individual teacher. Notifications show announcements from Google Classroom, assigned work, returned work, graded work and emails from teachers—all in one feed instead of by teacher or platform. Streamlined, simple communications centered around the student provide a clear channel for dialogue and collaboration, and assignments are featured based on when they are due, rather than when the teacher assigned it.

Student Dashboard can be used within the Hāpara Suite, or for those who are not registered within Hāpara.

Hāpara enables brilliant learning in the evolving digital classroom, and now with Student Dashboard, it puts an effective, common-sense tool in the hands of learners to drive their own learning agency. The dashboard earned both a Cool Tool Award for “Best New Product or Service” and Trendsetter (Finalist) Award as part of The EdTech Awards 2020 from EdTech Digest. Learn more


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