114th Partnership / Spark 101

A unique open educational resource (OER), Spark 101 program provides FREE STEM skills videos that teachers can easily integrate with course objectives and on-the-job tasks, inspiring students to connect their learning to high-growth, STEM-related career choices. An independent evaluation has pointed to a significant impact on student STEM engagement. See their complete video library at www.spark101.org.

Their free interactive videos motivate students to persist in STEM coursework by integrating academics with on-the-job tasks from real employers. Companion, educator-developed resources provide the means for teachers to integrate math and science teaching objectives with credible career content. 100% of teachers surveyed after working with Spark 101 agreed that they plan to use Spark 101 with future classes, would refer Spark 101 to a colleague and would like to use more Spark 101 videos.

Spark 101 STEM Skills Videos, the initial Spark 101 offering, are free 10-minute classroom videos—co-developed by educators, employers, and experts—that engage students in authentic STEM problem solving. Students learn how real challenges are addressed in business, government, nonprofits, and academic institutions.

Released in 2019, Spark 101 Career Snapshots profile a broad career field and a range of on-the-job examples from multiple employers in that field. Snapshots are 90 seconds to 2 minutes, and leverage the same motivational science as the full Spark 101 Skills Videos to raise awareness of high-demand careers, the types of problems professionals in these fields solve, and the education and certification pathways that develop the skills needed to succeed in those careers. Winner of the Cool Tool Award for “Best Open Educational Resources (OER) / Open Learning Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards 2020, this partnership and spark are worth a closer look. Learn more


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