Code Institute’s Online Learning Analytics Platform

Code Institute’s Online Learning Analytics Platform is a tool built to provide ‘Student Care & Learning Success’ teams with a single view of all data related to a student’s progress. The tool gathers many different types of actionable insights to better support both individual students and a student body as a whole.

Unique from other online providers, the tool enables students to progress through a program with as little fuss as possible by providing the ability to identify certain problems very early on to make the learning journey that much smoother.  

The tool is a key innovation designed to elevate support for students in an online program. A main indicator of student health is their “velocity” metric, which provides for learning success and student care with insights on a student’s rate of progression through a course. Any drop in velocity triggers timely interventions.

Code Institute is looking ahead to further enhancements through computational linguistics along with metrics on specific learner strengths and preferred activity types to also support better matching with employers.

Their platform offers insights into student progression that the classroom can not. It allows identification of problems before they arise. Teams can monitor student progress and it empowers them to identify at-risk students and rectify problems promptly.

The company was honored with Cool Tool Award Finalist status for Best Learning Analytics/Data Mining Solution (their trophy, pictured here) as part of The EdTech Awards 2020. Learn more


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