Easy LMS

Founded in 2013, Easy LMS is an intuitive, user-friendly, Learning Management System (LMS), a learning platform for organizations. Easy LMS can be used to help you create corporate training programs, recruitment, knowledge, or personality tests; surveys, content for lead gen, and quizzes for events. 

Tests and courses created with Easy LMS can be white labelled, embedded on your website and with your company’s logo and colors. With this tool, you can engage, train and even certify learners, no matter where they are.

With offices in the Netherlands and Brazil, the company provides excellent support and consultancy for clients worldwide. Their platform can be used by different organizations and business models; their service is used by individuals, non-profit organizations, SMEs, as well as large corporations.

Their software is cloud-based and plans they offer run on a monthly or yearly basis. They don’t charge per user but go for best value arrangements. This learning solution is fun and easy to use, and can bring great results. Easy LMS earned a Cool Tool Award Finalist for Best Learning Management System (LMS) Solution as part of The EdTech Awards 2020 program. Learn more.


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