Mastery Based Learning Platform from Core Learning Exchange

Core-LX supports the design, delivery and management of personalized mastery-based learning programs and is being used to create programs for K-12 core academics, special education, teacher professional development, STEM PBL, and CTE. Mastery-based programs are progressions of “badges” where each badge represents mastery of a skill or content and learners advance upon demonstration of mastery.

In order to develop metacognition and self-agency, learners use rubrics that are embedded within the badges so that they can conduct periodic self-evaluations. When the learner is below proficiency, they devise strategies to make improvements. Any claim of proficiency or mastery must be supported by evidence and artifacts. All self-evaluations are countered by teacher ratings and the reported data is driven from teacher evaluations. The learner’s journey to mastery is documented in a e-transcript/portfolio or Comprehensive Learner Record.

Playlists are associated with each badge and contain re-mixable “learning objects” that encapsulate blended learning opportunities. Playlists use an optimal blend modalities to build-up knowledge from the first introduction to a capstone learning experience, which produces evidence of mastery. The learning objects are drawn from a curated library sourced from OER, commercial providers and teachers. Where there are gaps, teachers use a professional toolkit of content development tools to self-publish instructional resources.

Core-LX is the “Spotify” of digital curriculum. They incentivize innovation and self-publishing by sharing 60% of subscription fees with their providers that are paid out in proportion to the level of usage. To promote equity, Core-LX pays higher royalties to content for underserved student populations. Mastery Based Learning Platform from Core Learning Exchange earned a Cool Tool Award Finalist status for Best Personalized Learning Solution as part of The EdTech Awards 2020 program. Learn more


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