This cool tool is a digital platform for middle and high school mathematics combining cutting edge technology with an innovative new curriculum. All the content is free, and it’s used by tens of thousands of students and teachers from all around the world.

It’s called Mathigon, and their unique new content format (really, have a good look!) makes learning more interactive than ever before – they call it the “Textbook of the Future”. Rather than passively listening to a lecture or watching a video, students can actively explore and discover. Every course contains hundreds of simulations, virtual manipulative, games, puzzles and step-by-step animations. This allows us to teach problem-solving, creativity and critical thinking – skills that are increasingly important in a future defined by artificial intelligence.

Over time, the progress data they measure allows them to tailor the order and depth of upcoming content, to create a personalized experience for every student. A virtual tutor provides real-time help and feedback in a chat interface, and students can even ask their own questions.

Rather than just teaching about abstract equations and procedures, they use storytelling to let the content come alive. Every chapter is filled with colorful illustrations and has a captivating narrative based on real-life applications or historical context.

Mathigon can be used independently by students, or as a blended learning tool in classrooms. There’s even a library of activities and resources for teachers. Their website works seamlessly on all major browsers and mobile devices, and they have mobile apps for iOS and Android even work when offline. Learn more


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