Report: Remote Learning

When the world unexpectedly shifted online as a result of COVID-19, it flipped education upside down. Faced with unprecedented obstacles, students, teachers and education systems worldwide had to quickly adapt. As the pandemic progressed and schools sustained long-term closures, the challenges of remote learning and the consequences of income inequality for students were thrust into the spotlight like never before.

A new report from Quizlet, an edtech company with over 50 million monthly active users across 130 countries, takes advantage of those numbers and their online learning platform catering to a diverse user base across geographies and stages of education.

With two-thirds of high school students and over half of all college-aged students in the U.S. on the platform, their proprietary data shows trends in how and what students are studying online – both before and during the pandemic. So they turned to their data to understand the impact that distance learning has had on U.S. students in high school and higher education: Where did students succeed in learning online? What challenges did they face? Did socioeconomic factors have an impact?

Digging into the results, it’s clear schools faced enormous challenges in the shift to remote learning and those challenges have an ongoing effect. Sharing these findings in their State of Remote Learning 2020 report provides awareness and insights to help students and the entire education community as they move into a new fall semester and a new reality. Learn more


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