Possibly the only gamified edutainment app using Branded AUDIO-comics, picture books and graphic novels to help all ages learn languages, subjects, skills & general literacy in one—LingoZING has international content, and their visuals serve as windows into the corresponding cultures they depict. Benefits include a multi-layered original proposition that is effective and fun.

Users can learn and retain using narrative context. Both IOS & Android. License deals with FOX, BOOM Studios, Top Cow, Media Participations, and more. LingoZING can be used alone, in a family context, or in schools.

They produced 320 titles in 5 languages from existing Branded comics, created partnerships with companies and developed their proprietary technology; their comics were accepted by a minister of education: the French National Education Ministry has awarded LingoZING the mandate to teach the Italian language to the French public educational system. As of Fall 2020, they integrate the official curriculum taught throughout the French Lycées and schools having created an additional technology to allow for institutional specifications. Utah’s Bilingual Immersion and the Academy of Sacred Heart New Orleans are also using the platform.

To showcase and create a proof-of-concept of teaching any subject, language, cultural window by way of comic books, LingoZING has created their first in-house comic, CRYPTO, which they sold to Le Lombard (now out in FR speaking countries). France’s Ministers of Finance and Economics chose CRYPTO as best tool to teach economics and awarded the company the Prix Lyceen. They also won a Red Herring Europe best EdTech Europe. LingoZING earned a Cool Tool Award Finalist status for “Best New Product or Service” as part of The EdTech Awards 2020 from EdTech Digest. Learn more.  


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