As a steadily growing international student information system, Alma stands out in two key ways:

Intuitive and efficient UI/UX in an SIS available to educators and the families, and

As a comprehensively modern engineering feat in the edtech enterprise software space.

This has brought joyous reactions from their end-users given what they are accustomed to — as they performed routine tasks each day, throughout the school year; from taking attendance and entering grades, through building and submitting complex reports. Alma is recovering lost productivity in data management, and protecting instructional time for infusing more modern approaches to teaching and learning.

Alma is exemplary in a few areas in particular: 

Standards-based learning. Administrators report an average of 10% gains across different cohorts and testing windows in the first year of using Alma to launch their SBL curricular shift.

Improving resource drains for districts. For example, Alma’s approach to master-scheduling focuses the needs and desires from students and staff into a cohesive and orderly workflow of organizing all the people, places, and things that comprise an operating learning community. The end result is improved accuracy/satisfaction of the schedule consistently in excess of 25% gains and often landing in the 90%+ range.

Serving technical interoperability to honor the work of CTOs and their entire edtech ecosystem, offering real-time, API-based integrations previously unattainable.

Whether in the classroom, on a principal’s tablet, or at the district office, this cool tool continues to evolve as a reliable and efficient communication platform for all stakeholders and those they serve.

Alma is the Winner of the Cool Tool Award for “Best Student Information System (SIS) Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards 2020 from EdTech Digest.

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