STEM Connect from Discovery Education

Built to bring STEM to life and enhance core curriculum, STEM Connect helps students develop the creative, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills they need for success beyond graduation. Among STEM Connect’s key features are:

Real-World Challenges– Inspired by the National Academy of Engineering’s Grand Challenges for Engineering, STEM Connect’s Real World Challenges inspire younger students to pursue solutions to personal, local issues while middle school students explore possible solutions to global problems. 

Career Connections– STEM Connect provides students with opportunities to learn about diverse STEM careers  and connects the skills they are using in the classroom to real situations around the world.

Content Connection Activities– Ranging from math and literacy to the arts and health, the Content Connection activities ask students to apply appropriate grade-level skills in various disciplines.

Hands-On Activities– By blending dynamic digital content with engaging opportunities for students to build, design, make, and create, STEM Connect offers a variety of hands-on activities for all students. 

Global STEM Solution Seekers– STEM Connect users are part of a global community working to solve important real-world challenges. In select units, students connect via GlobalLab, a global student laboratory, to share data and collaborate with others around the world.

STEM Connect’s dynamic digital content also supports educators’ efforts to meet existing literacy goals.

Through informational text infused with fictional stories and characters, STEM Connect challenges students to solve relevant and engaging real-life problems as it deepens student engagement and builds depth of understanding. 

STEM Connect was won the Cool Tool Award for “Best STEM Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards 2020 from EdTech Digest.

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