Higher Ed Report: Students, Faculty and Remote Learning

The results are in—a new survey from communications provider RingCentral studied the opinions of more than 1600 students and faculty on their previous remote learning experiences and their expectations around remote learning in the new school year. The survey found that, while the early versions of remote learning weren’t totally effective, students and faculty both were able to identify areas for improvement and see its potential for the future: 

  • 82 percent of students and 89 percent of faculty believe that the pandemic will have a lasting impact on higher education
  • 51 percent of students calling the digital learning experience thus far as “effective” and 59 percent of teachers noting that students seemed less engaged in online classes.
  • Social interaction is the missing link in distance learning as 66% said it’s what they miss most about the in-person classroom experience, and 57% of students said they would prefer more interactive assignments
  • Nearly half of all students (48 percent) want more collaboration capabilities through technology  


A blog post by Naveed Husain, VP of vertical programs for RingCentral summarizes the key findings right here


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