Pear Deck

Pear Deck was founded by educators on a mission to help teachers deliver powerful learning moments to every student, every day. With solutions rooted in active learning and formative assessment, Pear Deck makes it easy for teachers to connect with learners of every age and ability. As part of The EdTech Awards 2020 from EdTech Digest, Pear Deck was named Winner of the Cool Tool Award for “Best Presentation Solution” and here are a few of the reasons why. 

For teachers, Pear Deck is the fastest way to add the magic of formative assessments and interactive questions to presentations right within Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint. Their team of educators created a library of templates to support learning objectives and topics, from digital citizenship to social-emotional learning, with ready-to-teach content.

Pear Deck is designed to help students develop a positive academic mindset by fostering a connected classroom community. Students join the teacher’s lesson on their own device and individually respond to the prompts, giving the quietest students a voice while giving vocal students a way to participate without dominating discussion. Teachers see the responses in real time, allowing them to change course in the moment, if needed.

After class, teachers can send students a personalized document that contains all of the content from the lesson, as well as the students’ responses. Students can reflect on their answers, make corrections, ask questions, and make connections to the conversations that happened during class.

Pear Deck is designed to encourage instructional practices that facilitate better outcomes for all students through active engagement, deeper learning, fostering a growth mindset, and supporting the whole child.

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