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LETRS (Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling) is a blended professional development course bridging deep, meaningful research into practical classroom success. Backed by more than 30 years of research, LETRS provides educators with the background, depth of knowledge, and tools to teach language and literacy skills to every student. It’s different than other PD programs because every concept and skill is solidly based in research about how reading and language work.

LETRS features video allowing teachers to apply their learning to the classroom, and addresses the structures of English, the cognitive processes of learning to read, and the teaching practices proven to be effective in preventing and remediating reading difficulties, including dyslexia. Created by Dr. Louisa Moats, an internationally renowned literacy expert, LETRS was positively singled out in “Hard Words,” a recent article otherwise analyzing what’s wrong with how students are taught to read.

More and more teachers are entering the classroom without the proper training and understanding of how students learn to read. Schools and districts using LETRS are seeing literacy rates improve because teachers are taught to understand the science behind the process.

Educators are singing the praises of the PD solution. According to Kimberly Bennett, executive assistant superintendent at Rapides Parish School Board in Louisiana, “LETRS was the missing piece, especially with the shift in education where so many teachers are coming from non-traditional backgrounds to teach. It is imperative to us that teachers know how students learn to read to effectively teach reading.”

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