This cool tool is what is called a “microsimulation” platform used to help instructors effectively engage, measure, and develop learners. With CapsimInbox, users enter a simulated ‘day in the life’ scenario and are measured on their ability to effectively handle real-world situations. Actionable feedback is personalized to each participant’s experience to help facilitate personal and professional growth.

CapsimInbox is highly immersive and easy to implement with the average experience taking less than an hour to complete. It’s also flexible as homework, an interactive case study, and/or an assessment. 

The experience starts with a short self-assessment where users rate their perceived skill levels. Self-ratings are later compared to their performance in the simulation.

Users then enter a simulated inbox experience where they are assessed as they gather information and respond to real-world situations via emails and instant messages.

When the simulation is complete, participants get instant, meaningful and objective insights into their skill levels along with developmental tactics to facilitate growth.

Feedback includes:
• an overall score based on how quickly and accurately the participant responded to messages in the simulation. This score is a percentile, comparing the participant’s performance against the CapsimInbox database of users.
• a developmental Index showing the current levels of skill proficiency across the measured skills and how consistently these levels were demonstrated.
• a Self-Awareness score that reflects how accurately the participant’s self-assessment matches the objective scores from CapsimInbox. Higher scores equate to more accurate self-awareness.
• and a Skill Gap that displays the participant’s self-assessment and the objectives scores from CapsimInbox across the measured skills.

CapsimInbox was named a Winner of the Cool Tool Award for “Best Professional Skills Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards 2020 from EdTech Digest. 

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